The utensils shown here are no longer available, but we can send photos of current inventory. If interested in a particular style or feature, let us know which piece you're referring to by slide number (ex: 4-14) or description.

Sherial's spoons and paddles are carved free-style, without power tools or templates, so no two are the same. They're extremely well balanced and comfortable-to-hold. And each goes through a lengthy hand-finishing process that creates not only a silky-smooth surface, but one that's less prone to staining and fuzzing.

Wood (cherry, poplar, tupelo, etc.) depends on what's available and appropriate.

Most spoons and paddles average $35-$50.


Spoons & paddles are signed and
finished with Walnut oil.

Please be aware that nut oils may affect those with nut allergies.

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Please note, we are out of all utensils at this time.