Summerville, SC

Tucked under a canopy of shade in a simple wooden shed with an open front and dirt floor is where you'll find Sherial Brinn carving his latest works. It's a place where time slows and the hustle and bustle of today's technology goes mostly unnoticed.

There's no roar of machinery or motors, just the methodical sounds of hatchet, adze, or mallet and gouge, allowing him to hear his own creative intuition, and the wood itself as it speaks to him.

This is, in part, why so many are visibly touched by Sherial's work. It's as though they can feel what he feels as he carves and creates. And it's why he continues to use simple hand tools at at a time when most others 'hand' carve with machines and power tools.

ShadeTree bowls are one-of-a kind, and considered heirloom, gallery-quality work.

As one of the "hand-created" Night Market artists at historic Charleston's City Market, Sherial deeply appreciates the overwhelming recognition and praise for his work by area residents and visitors from across the country, and the globe. It has helped confirm that this is his calling.

Whether his work is used to enhance existing decor and inspire a greater sense of visual harmony, serve a more functional purpose, or be shared as a meaningful gift, a piece of ShadeTree art means having a piece of that place where time slows and soulful creativity comes to life.

Take a moment to relax and enjoy the gallery; be inspired by his story; or discover how the craftsmanship of centuries ago still lives on. 

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Carved with Centuries-old Style
Tools & Techniques.
(without power tools or lathe)


ShadeTree uses only wood from trees felled for other purposes or by natural causes.
No imported or
exotic woods used.